Amid The Covid-19 Lockdown, Tombola Revenues Up

Amid The Covid-19 Lockdown, Tombola Revenues Up

The UK bingo provider, Tombola, increased its sales by 15.0% to £120.1 million for the year ended April 30, 2020 (€139.0 million/$165.1 million), but higher expenses for hiring led to a decline in earnings.

The year saw six weeks of lock-outs in the major UK and mainland Europe sector of Tombola that saw all bingo halls locked casino online Singapore. Regulus Partners reports that about 60 or £72.0 million of the overall consultancy enterprise comes from Great Britain. Tombola’s revenue expenses reached GBP 85.3m, 19.7% up from GBP 34.7 million, up by 4.3%.

It then paid operating costs of £22.7 million, up 10.8%. The workforce spend was largely due to 13.3 to £15.3 million higher pay and salaried charges, and total staff costs increased from 12.8 to £17.6 million.

Operating profit left £12.0 million and decreased by 6.7%. The company charged interest, which fell to £ 50,000 by 87.2 percent, while interest costs fell to £ 33,000. It charged £2.7 million more in tax, up 35.1%. Tombola was deferred by a cumulative tax of £3.0 million, of which £1.5 million was from UK corporate tax, £1.1 million changes and £468,000 from the foreign taxation of corporations.

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Tombola profit 

Regulus noted that Tombola could provide a window into a potential future for gambling in the UK provided the proposed regulatory amendments given the stringent player welfare conditions, including the £ 500 weekly deposit limit.

While Tombola’s model is incredibly well suited for the safer gambling climate, it says that the overwhelming majority of consumer sales is generated by less restricted items, including in a ‘softer’ product portfolio such as bingo, she says.

Therefore, the business model of Tombola is a toughness measure in the UK and elsewhere for harsh products: it could take many clients, but does not generate much income The benefit of Tombola after these losses amounted to £9.4 million. This fell by 16.6% Tombola announced that this growth was a continued extension of its market share in both Great Britain and Europe in a filing with Companies House.

Tombola revenue up to £120.1m in 2019-20 despite Covid-19 lockdown -  iGaming Business

Success measures

But the cost of revenue for the year was up by Tombola from £56.7 million to £71.1 million, a rise of 25.4%. Administrative costs increased from £14.7 million to £20.5 million, 35.5 percent annually.

In order to improve its market place in UK and Europe Tombola said that higher expenditures were a result of continuing interest in human beings and their goods. Increased tax expenditures in 2019 seemed to overshadow the year, with net profit decreasing by 31.8% from £18.9 million to £12.9 million for this year. GBP from £33.6m to £33.3m is also down marginally.

The earnings before tax fell by 30.7% year-on-year to £13.3 million, and the tax paid by the Tombola company was £2.0 million, down by 32.5% from £16.6 million in the previous year, with a profit by £11.2 million for both years. 

Tombola said in the Companies House filing that the company focuses on the continuous research and growth of its products and is investing a large amount of time and resources to achieve the best product consistency. Tombola announced that this growth was a continued extension of its market share in both Great Britain and Europe in a filing with Companies House.

They Pocket € 79,137 At The Pougues-Les-Eaux Casino

We invite you to come back today to a new and pretty little story of earnings. Even if it is once again necessary to turn to a casino from our French neighbors for that. A jackpot of € 79,137 was actually pocketed at the Pougues-les-Eaux casino; a French commune located in the department of Nièvre, in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. The commune of Pougues-les-Eaux has been labeled Village stage since 2008 and therefore makes the front page of today for something very different than its tourist value, although this is closely related since we all know that casinos usually attract many tourists …

The fiesta at the Casino de Pougues-les-Eaux!

We can certainly say, without really having a doubt, that it was literally a party at the Casino de Pougues-les-Eaux last weekend. Indeed, we were able to find regulars of the gambling establishment winning the pretty € 79,137; the story of a better start to the year for these winners who celebrated as they should this incredible and lucrative day in the company of the other clients who must have certainly jealous them a little secretly …

Big gain and big return on investment

We are dealing here with a big payoff for what is called a lesser investment. It is the Easter weekend and customers, who are used to going to the Pougues casino, have won an exceptional amount of almost € 80,000. But where the story is even more beautiful, it is that these lucky women had the good idea to choose to play on a slot machine which is accessible from only 0.01 € of stake. We are then last weekend and in the middle of the afternoon, after 2 p.m., when this jackpot which remains one of the highest won given the list of winners this year decides to fall.

It must be said that this fabulous gain of € 79,137 was recorded on a progressive type machine. If you are used to our articles, you will immediately know what we are talking about here. But if this is not the case, and to put it simply, know that a progressive jackpot is always available on a game that offers several cumulative wins over the games.

Jackpot at the Pougues-les-Eaux casino

Strong to note this time that the motivation of the main interested parties has paid off. They will indeed share a nice sum, which will certainly remain less than the jackpot won in this same establishment in 2017, while a usual customer also left, alone this time, with a gain of 32,259.75 € on one of the casino slot machines. The story does not tell us on the other hand if it was the same slot, but let the chance decide as it sees fit and come back a little on the establishment.

You should know that the services are diverse at the Pougues-les-Eaux casino of the Tranchant group. Quite numerous and attractive to attract many visitors every day, the establishment benefits from a favorable geographical location. Indeed, the casino allows its customers and players to enjoy themselves pleasantly in a privileged and very pleasant setting; with at their disposal a game room where we find all the entertainment options one would expect in this kind of place such as poker games, but also blackjack, English roulette and of course, the machines slot that just released this fabulous jackpot a few days ago.

For the record, know that the jackpot is mainly based on the redistribution rate in most casinos in France and the percentage is much higher than that set by the State for the Tranchant group; reaching an average of 92.50% of the sums paid out by players who here take advantage of slot machines with a frequency of random wins generated by specific programs and software.